Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Norway, organize VHP-family meet every month. VHP Norway encourage all members to meet-greet-know each other, and participate in Hindu Cultural Activities. VHP Norway understands its responsibilities towards cultural integration and above all the necessity of modern educational values. Therefore, these family forums are used as a platform to discuss various topics related to current issues, and other topics that is more relevant to our young members.

Preferred topics of discussions/debates:

  • Information / Orientation
        o Norwegian culture
        o Laws, norms and rules
  • Open forum for questions to the experts on agreed topics:
        o VHP Norway provide access to a subject expert who take/answer questions on an open forum
  • VHP Norway also understands its responsibilities towards Health is Wealth concepts, and therefore occasionally on such forum also organizes discussions on Diets, Training and Yoga.
        o Diet
          -> Allergy / Intolerance
          -> Vegetarian
          -> Healthy snacks
        o Nutrition
          -> Good sources of vitamin
        o Training / Exercise
          -> Yoga
          -> Cardio-training

Such topics, attracts more interests as expatriates in Norway are often confused about the right and appropriate food habits in Norwegian conditions.

VHP Premises

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Vishwa Hindu Parishad of Norway
Kirkegårdsgt. 9,
0558 Oslo

E-Mails: ., .

Note: For becoming first time member of VHP Norway, you need to complete the formalities as per the guidelines of Grunnstøtte and VHP Norway constitution. It is therefore mandatory to contact VHP Norway at . to get the desired information to complete the formalities. Just depositing 100 NOK at VHP account, does not fulfill the criteria of VHP membership.