Hindi classes for children and youths: VHP is running Hindi classes every Friday from 17:30 to 19:30 at VHP premises. Punditji from Slemmestad Madir and Manoj Misraji are the permanent teachers. In Hindi class the children and youths just not learn Hindi but they also learn about our cultures (Indian and Norwegian). The children from age group of 10 to 18th regularly comes for Hindi class.

Kathak Dance: After Hindi class all girls learn Kathak Dance at VHP Premises. It is our pleasure to have Mrs. As Kathak dance teacher. She has very good command in various form of classical dances.

Get Together: After Kathak dnace , children and youths play together Table tennis, practice dance and discuss various things. It gives our Indian children and youths a platform where they meet each other

Maths Classes: In Groruddalen Skole, the student from class 8th standard to 10th standard goes for Math’s classes. A Math teacher from the same school helps them to overcome the problems related to the subject. All the students are very happy and satisfied.

Youth Group: It is demand of the time to form a youth group especially the Indian youths from age 13 to 18. VHP premises open for them where they can gather once in a week. This activity has just been started and gradually taking its shape. The aim is to give responsibility to the youths to organize this activity in proper guidance with adults.

Every Wednesday a get together for adult: The aim is to gather and do some exercises, exchange views, discussions on pre-defined topics, play games etc

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