Holi Milan

We are glad to inform that  renowned singer Mr Ravindra Upadhyay along with his musicians Amol and Sumer Singh from India will grace the evening with his vibrant performance. Follow him on www.ravindraupadhyay.com

Holi 2017 event is now fully booked - All seats have been reserved

Kindly note following donation plan

Individual donation for the pass is NOK 100, No contribution on behalf of Children below age 10
For passes: Please contact any of the following numbers after 16:00 hrs -- Sri Davinder Kumar 982 11 463, Sri Sanjay Lakjanpal  977 21 132, Sri Rajesh Khare 952 14 894, Sri Manoj Misra : 970 67 800

Date: 26h March 2017 from 16:30 Hrs-19:30 Hrs
Venue: Rommen Scene, Karen Platous Vei 31, 0988 Oslo


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